The end of “desert season” is approaching, thanks to the onset of warmer weather and temperatures that make the sand dunes in Glamis, California significantly less inviting. However, Sand Cars Unlimited took out their “Pro Bro “rail dubbed “Born Crazy” to the Glamis dunes for a little bit of fun before calling it a season.   This rail lives up to its name thanks to a twin turbo CBM 454 LS engine and some serious suspension.

CBM Motorsports builds a variety of high performance LS engines for off road, marine and street use. Thanks to their wizardry, “Born Crazy” makes 1,600 horsepower at the crank and puts 1,200 horsepower to the rear tires. With the 20 pounds of boost added by twin turbos this rail is ready to yank the wheels at any time.

Once “Born Crazy” is unloaded and the paddles are on, this rail proceeds to rip up the terrain sending massive roosts of sand in every direction. With the ability to wheelie at will this rail is certain to delight those who see it in action. The driver is able to pitch the rail through the dunes and pull off a few wild moves thanks to the turning brakes. The level of skill required to keep this car right side up can’t be underestimated, but that’s just what he does, much to the enjoyment of his passengers.