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2017 marks the 87th anniversary of the International Geneva Motor Show and, much like other trade shows in the auto industry, dozens upon dozens of announcements and debuts take place each year. The show took place last month and, thus far, this is the coolest unveil we have come across. It’s going to be tough to beat…

…The SIN R1 550.

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This exotic-looking performance car (even called a supercar by most) is an upgraded version of the company’s already impressive “base” R1. SIN CARS has overhauled the vehicle almost every aspect, focusing on innovation, giving it more power, upgraded interior, and better aerodynamics.

Instead of housing the existing LS3, the new carbon-bodied R1 550 is powered by yet another one of our favorite V8s, the LS7– this time pushing a whopping 550 horsepower. Hence the name.

SIN CARS refers to the 2,750-pound, full-carbon bodied, R1 550 as a “road car,” but many sources are noting that it seems more comfortable on the track than on the streets, as many of the R1 race car’s features were transferred over.

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Among other upgrades to the dry-sump LS7, the R1 550 also gets double wishbone suspension, a 1.5-inch drop, adjustable dampeners, a big brake kit, an active rear wing, side diffusers, and a plethora of carbon fiber parts. Inside, the car features a stunning interior, showcasing low-sitting carbon fiber bucket seats, which are a more comfortable redesigned version of the R1’s existing racing seats.

As with all of SIN CARS’ creations, the base transmission is a 6-speed manual with a gated shifter, but there’s also an option available for paddle shifters.

With a starting price of roughly $189,900 USD, it might be a good thing that the brand new SIN R1 550 is not yet available in the United States. An official dealer, Racers Edge Motorsports, plans to introduce it eventually– but in the meantime, only carries the race car (GT4) and track day (VTX) versions.

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