“Sleeper Silverado” – ProCharged 2004 Chevy Pickup

Chevy truck LS engines are becoming quite commonplace in the world of racing. They are so common in cars that sometimes we neglect to remember the platforms from which they are donated. Today’s article however features someone who decided that his 5.3L V8 was fine just where it was. Even though the engine was deemed acceptable where it was, that didn’t say too much for how it was. Lets face it, from the factory the 5.3L wasn’t initially designed to do what we all want to see it do; go fast.

The owner decided that it was time to flip the script on his 2004 Chevy pickup. First thing was first, the stock 5.3L was inadequate for his tastes so he had East Texas Muscle Cars bore it to 5.7L and stuff it with forged pistons and rods. An ETMC stage one forced induction cam and PRC stage 2.5 heads also fit the bill perfectly. The freshly bored small block was then paired with a D1 ProCharger to sweeten the pot even more. Top it all off with a Fast 102 intake and a few other goodies like an upgraded ETMC fuel system, 3200 stall converter, 80lb injectors, and a meth injection kit and you’re sitting pretty at over 650 RWHP. It’s been reported that this hauler can haul to the tune of 11.7 second time slips. 

Any way you shake it, it would probably be a bad idea to under estimate this daily driven Silverado. The eleven-second truck surely won’t turn many heads based on looks alone, but has the power to bite unsuspecting opponents at a moments notice. 

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