We all know GM’s working on a mid-engine car.

It’s been suspiciously quiet as of late though and that’s probably a good thing as us car scribes grasp feverishly at anything that that even remotely smacks of an update, much to the detriment of our grace and dignity.

Well, on your knees again!

Autoblog just broke some pics by Chris Doanne and they offer the best glimpse so far of the elusive General Motors supercar.

The mule looks much like the last time we saw it but this time, handlers scrambled to tuck it back into it’s camouflage after what looks like an automotive version of a wardrobe malfunction…We do get a pretty good look at the roof and a sneak peek at the interior though.

The mid-engine layout/blueprint is a real stinker when it comes to differentiating one super car from another, and there is no quarter here as well.

As we have said before, new GM Design Chief Michael Simcoe has his work cut out for him grafting 65 years of Corvette design cues onto a mid-engine blueprint while keeping it fresh and current, but appealing to younger buyers.

It’s side profile view is familiar and boring to be honest. We hope legendary GM Design hits one out-of-the-ballpark and delivers an instantly recognizable modern ‘Vette.

Some details of this new car have been massaged though. The mirrors, wheels, rear bumper and exhaust pipes have been fiddled with and appear tweaked since the last prototypes we’ve seen.

If that weren’t enough, look not only for a gas powered versions, but 4WD, hybrid and electric models as well.

These sightings always create quite a bit of frenzy. All of this is mostly speculation until we hear more from GM.  For now, what do you think of these photos and the future of Corvette?  Let us know down below.