The first time we saw the black concave 20” wheels that would be standard on the ZL1, we knew they would become a hot-ticket item. The modern look and aggressive fitment matched the attitude of the Camaro perfectly, and 5th Gen fans everywhere (including us) started scheming on how they could get their hands on a set for their own cars.

The ZR28 Wheels will feature an LG center cap and "ZR28" script in place of "Camaro".

Luckily, our buddies at LG Motorsports have stepped up to the plate and will be the first company to offer a ZL1-style replica wheels for 5th Gen owners. LG has taken the basic split 5-spoke concave design of the OEM ZL1 wheels, and added a few subtle touches of their own, while keeping the overall look of the wheels accurate. Best of all, LG didn’t wimp out when it came to the sizing of their “ZR28” wheels; these wheels will come in the exact same beefy dimensions and aggressive  offsets as the OEM ZL1 wheels. The fronts will measure 20 x 10 and the rears 20 x 11, which will easily fit any model of 5th Gen Camaro.

The price? How does a retail of $1,695.99 per set sound? (What it sounds like to us is LG is going to have a hard time keeping these wheels in stock.) They’ve already started taking pre-orders and LG plans to have the ZR28 wheels shipping to customers by the first of the year. For more info, check out the announcement thread on Camaro5, or give LG Motorsports a call at 972-429-1963.