The new COMP-One Water/Methanol-Injection System Plus Performance Tuner from Snow Performance is available for a variety of domestic Ford, GM and Dodge applications. It is formulated to help get the most power from supercharged or turbocharged gasoline engines, without custom tuning or high-octane fuel.

Official Release:

Up until now, the missing link with water-methanol injection has been the need to tune in order to realize full power potential. The COMP-One is the first and only all-in-one system to combine sophisticated water/methanol-injection delivery with a performance tuner (complete with a water-methanol tune), to deliver up to 25-percent more power. In fact, nothing will safely add more horsepower-per-dollar to your boosted vehicle. This integrated system does it all and eliminates the need to purchase a separate tuner, water/methanol injection system, g-meter and diagnostic tool.

Included is a new dash-mounted monitor/tuner that features a large touch-screen and a variety of graphic options. With the ability to display up to six engine functions, there’s no need to buy several gauges to clutter your interior. The monitor/tuner can also measure your vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration and braking performance, as well as read and clear trouble codes. It can also operate as a rear-wheel dynamometer to measure your engine’s power gains, or use the virtual drag-strip mode to test your vehicle’s quarter-mile performance.

The Snow Performance COMP-One™ Part #48010, is easy to install and plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. It’s available for a variety of domestic Ford, GM and Dodge applications. Import applications will be available soon.

  • Part #48010,
  • Display up to six engine functions on one screen
  • Available for a variety of domestic Ford, GM and Dodge applications
  • Measures vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration and braking performance