Strategic Vision Grants C6 Corvette with a 2011 Total Value Award

The Corvette is no stranger to the winner’s circle when it comes to top industry awards and as we found out from CorvetteBlogger, the famed American sports car has just won itself another notch on the old belt. While the 2011 Corvette was awarded an IntelliChoice Best Overall Value designation just last month, as well as being named one of America’s best selling sports cars, the C6 Corvette has been chosen as the 2011 Premium Coupe Total Value Award winner by Strategic Vision as well. What can we say? Americans love their Corvettes!

The cars that make up the top tier of the Strategic Vision Total Value Index are determined through one of the most comprehensive studies in the industry. According to Strategic Vision’s Vice President and head of Automotive Research, the Total Value Index takes into account consumer’s vehicle perceptions as well as their self-reported political party, ethnicity and interests, unlike other index systems. Total Value Awards are given to the vehicles that have the best overall appeal and satisfaction pertaining to 442 vehicle attributes.

For 2011, which comes as no surprise to us, the Corvette came out on top in the Premium Coupe category. Trailing the Corvette in its respective category by a mere two points was the Cadillac CTS.

While another award may seem like overkill for the sports car, the 2011 award choices also mark an important event. For the first time in 10 years, American automotive manufacturers lead the Total Value Awards with 11 segment winners, including the Chevy Volt for Mid-Size Car, Cadillac CTS Sedan for Near-Luxury Car, Ford Mustang for the Convertible category, and the Dodge Durango for the Mid-Size Traditional Utility category.

Congratulations goes out to Chevrolet for once again hitting a home run with the C6 Corvette and to the other American automakers that achieved Total Value Awards. Looks like the “domestic comeback” is well on its way.

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