SV8.R Conversion by Supervettes Takes the C6 to Extremes

While it’s true that late model Corvettes are some of the most affordable sports cars ever produced (and thanks to the magic of depreciation, even lowly writer types like us can fit them into our budgets), the perception among the general public is that they’re “one-percenter” cars – exclusive, rare, and expensive. And we won’t lie; even if it’s not true, we do kind of enjoy the attention and envy just a little bit.

But what if owning a new(ish) Corvette isn’t enough by itself, and you want to fly even higher in the automotive stratosphere? That’s where Supervettes can help…


In the past, we’ve taken a look at their ZR6X widebody kit, and received a generally favorable reader reaction. Now, they’ve unveiled their latest creation, the SV8.R conversion, which radically reworks the look of the C6. Under development for the last three years, Supervettes says that it will also be reworked to suit the C7 as soon as that car is available to be laser-scanned.

The conversion borrows clear cues from the C7, especially in the headlights and back glass in the hardtop version. Of course, the big question is, “what do the taillights look like?”

From the rear, the supercar design influence is clear, with the sharp, downward sloping body lines and blacked-out angular taillight surround. Of course, there are round lenses buried in there, which should please the C7-haters of the world. But then again, when you’re talking about changes this extreme, the only opinion that matters belongs to the person paying for it, and they better really, really like it – while Supervettes hasn’t announced official pricing, we’ve heard rumors of a price tag just shy of $60k, not including the donor car…



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