Just when you think the LS-swap madness cannot get any more weird or wacky, YouTube provides video evidence of something previously unseen. Many of us have never heard of a Ford Taunus before today (I am certain that there are a few you of you have), let alone a Ford Taunus (not Taurus) with an LS2 engine. For those previously unaware of the Taunus’s existence prior to today, Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive summary of the model. Basically, this model was a family car sold by Ford Germany and it was named for the Taunus mountain range in Germany. Hot rodding family cars is global phenomenon, but hearing something that once shared engine with the Ford Pinto roar down the street with an LS2 is a delightful change.

It is difficult to determine where this video was filmed, but the setting was beautiful and showcased the fastback Taunus’ ability annihilate a set of tires. With the fresh black paint, straight body and 5-spoke American Racing style wheels this little Chevy powered Ford looks sharp. It would be hard to imagine the original gutless engine creating enough power to shred tires, but the combination of a lightweight car and a powerful engine always results in a good time.