The Corvette and the Porsche 911 have two things in common; they represent the ultimate sports car for their respective countries of origin, and they’re both mortal enemies. Porsche and Corvette owners never can quite see eye to eye, with both always claiming that they have the world’s best “affordable” sports car. The rivalry between the two camps stems from the ’50s, and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

We agree that both are great cars, however, being quite partial to the GM LS engine platform ourselves, we tend to favor the Vette over Stuttgart’s finest. Evidently, so does the owner of this black 911, who removed the 325HP flat six from his Porsche to replace it with that of a modified LS7 sourced from a Corvette Z06.  Before swapping it, he added a few more speed parts, and the LS7 911 is now reportedly packing 650 horsepower.

We found this quick video of the car over at Vimeo, and although it’s short and sweet, it didn’t fail to impress us. There’s no driving footage, no tire-smoking burnouts to ogle, but it does show that swapping an LS7 into a 911 can be done, and when equipped with the factory mufflers, still sounds like the six-shooter that once lived between the rear wheels. It’s simply awesome.

At this point we’re left wondering if and when LS-Swap Mania will ever end, and where will we see one next? A tank? A fighter jet? Who knows? As long as it continues to be popular with all of you, we’ll continue to cover them.