Let’s face it. You’re an LS head. You drive an LS based vehicle, you’re on the LS forums all the time, and you pretty much breathe LS engines. You think you’ve seen every LS swap possible. Think again. DeLorean owner Nicholas Roedl is here to stun you once more with this video.  

Yep, no flux capacitor under the rear hatch of this DeLorean - just good old American LS1 power.

After restoring his 1981 DeLorean, Nick decided that it was time to replace the original engine with something that had just a little more power. His engine of choice… an LS1 of course! With a swap like this, the old DeLorean will have no problem hitting 88 MPH. Even old Marty McFly himself would be proud!

Because he decided to swap out the auto for a manual trans as well, the car picked up very little weight to go with its new found power. Nick was even able to pay for about 75% of the build by selling the original parts from the car. 

This unique build has a unique story to go with it. Its origins came from the need for an engineering senior design project subject. Nick decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to beef up his ride while trying to earn an “A”. He got to it, swapping out the original lackluster 150hp v6 with the V8 of his choice. If you thought working on your 4th Gen Camaro was a task, check out the two inches of space between the rear bumper and crank pulley. This seems like every mechanic’s worst nightmare, but at the same time it is just too cool to deny that it was worth it. We here at LSXMAG most certainly give Nick an A+ on his project.