Excessive speed while behind the wheel of a Corvette could have ended the lives of Florida two teens on January 23, 2011. According to the Pinellas Park Beacon, Moises L. Rodriquiz-Miranda, 17, of Pinellas Park, Florida lost control of the red C5 and collided with an oak tree.

Despite the severity of the crash Rodriquiz-Miranda was taken to the hospital in stable condition. However, his passenger Marcus Behrman, 16, of Largo, Florida had to be air lifted to an area hospital in serious condition. Emergency personnel worked diligently to remove the Behrman from the passenger side of the Corvette.

After looking at the photo it is hard to imagine that both the driver and passenger survived the crash.  The car was wrapped around the trunk of the tree on the passenger side, thus making Behrman’s survival even more astonishing.

When serious accidents befall young drivers of performance cars, there are always people who claim that a young person should never be behind the wheel of such a vehicle. Regardless of age, drivers need to be able to drive within reason for the road conditions and area.  Next time you are tempted to push your car to limits or test your own driving skill on public road, try to remember bad things can happen to anyone at anytime.