These Boosted Rides Set The Bar High

Building your project car is more than just flashy paint, a low stance and sinister set of wheels. While professional builders like John Wargo (Custom Shop) and Denny Terzich (ProRides) both build a different variety of vehicles, they do however share a common denominator when it comes to standing out. These boys know how to build, that’s obvious. However, they continue to set the bar by utilizing one key ingredient; the ProCharger supercharger system.

To get the inside scoop on what some of the pro’s were up to in the aftermarket industry, we spoke to the mad scientists over at ProCharger who hooked us up these custom, one-off builds, each relying on a big bang in bolt-on horsepower.

First up, were the two ridiculously wild Camaros from John Wargo and The Custom Shop.

The “SSawd,” could be your worst nightmare or genius mash-up, which combines a rag top First Gen F-body, the all-wheel drive running gear from a Trailblazer SS and rear clip from a 2010 Camaro. If that weren’t enough, poking up from the hood giving a hint of extra power is a ProCharger F-Series blower and air-to-air intercooler. No extra room, no problem! The hood was cut and the blower was stuffed through. Yeah, it took a pair of big ones to pull this off.

Next up is another Custom Shop creation aptly named, “Project Grand Sport.” It’s a heavily modded, droptop ’68 Camaro. With a small-block LS1 spinning a ProCharger LS Transplant Kit and D-1SC self-contained supercharger and air-to air intercooler, this combo is ready to turn heads.

Finally, a killer ’55 Shoebox Chevy from Denny Terzich of ProRides. “Project X-Box” is monstrous, packing a 1,200HP LS mill, which relies on a full-tilt ProCharger F-2 with a 1,550 HP air-to-air intercooler. Though it’s still under construction, Denny hopes to have this beast completed in time for this year’s SEMA show. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished product! For full galleries of these builds and more ProCharger details, check out their website.

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Dave Cruikshank is a lifelong car enthusiast and an Editor at Power Automedia. A zealous car geek since birth, he digs lead sleds, curvy fiberglass, kustoms and street rods. He currently owns a '95 Corvette, '76 Cadillac Seville, '99 LS1 Trans Am and big old Ford Van.
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