The Roadster Shop Built One Bitchin’ ’69 Camaro

We're simply in love with the way the treatment of Bruce's '69 Camaro came out. We want one. Images: The Roadster Shop

The Roadster Shop (RS) has been building some of the most badass project cars over the years, and we’re envious of their creations. Making them famous was the ’70 Chevelle “RS” that featured a 640HP LS7, C6 suspension pieces, and Porsche 911 GT3 RS green paint. It was definitely unique. Now, they specialize in everything from custom framework to full-on car builds, and we’re always anticipating what they’re cooking up next.

This is what the Camaro looked like when it showed up to The Roadster Shop last Fall.

Their work is world renown and  everyone from the common man to the Hollywood elite have had cars built by these guys, and for good reason. If you wanted to build the ultimate pro-touring car, you would go to a place where the staff has actual track experience. RS has that covered, and they strive to build the best pro-tourer possible. They’re willing to take on anything from a ’60 Ford Sunliner to a ’75 Pontiac Firebird, and even lend their expertise to the occasional pickup truck.

We kind of wish they would have left it like this. Just reattach the lighting fixtures and door handles, reinstall the interior, clearcoat over the steel body, and voila!

In the case of Bruce’s Camaro, they were in familiar territory, however this is definitely one of those projects that stick out amongst the rest. Starting with a relatively solid ’69 Super Sport coupe, the Camaro would undergo a complete teardown and rebuild from the ground up.

The finished product is quite a stark contrast to what the boys at RS started out with.

Replacing the traditional small block is a built LSx mill with unknown specs, wrapped in one of the most flawless bodies we have ever seen. The factory rear spoiler has been replaced with an one-off unit, courtesy of RS. The whole car is covered with black and red trim (your author’s favorite color combination), and there’s no denying its sinister presence.

The Roadster Shop built their reputation on a solid platform. Literally. Check out this fab'd chassis underneath the Camaro.

We couldn’t get in touch with any of the builders before press time to learn more about this car, but we think the Camaro pretty much speaks for itself in terms of its modifications, appeal, and overall attitude.




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