This Lethal Racing Camaro Does 500 RWHP With a Cam and Heads

Shawn David sent over this dyno sheet of Broussard’s Camaro putting down just over 500 RWHP.

We’ll just come right out and say it; Lethal Racing builds some sick cars. We see the cars they built at racing events like LS Fest, on message forums like, and all over YouTube. With the following the Facebook page has (118,000 at press time), we have readers send us videos, photos, and other types of information constantly.

But when Shawn David of the highly respected tuning shop shot us a message regarding the car that you’re looking at on this page, our curiosity was piqued. Turns out, this particular Camaro is a 2012 1SS example packing an L99/LS3 conversion that puts down a very respectable 501.6 horsepower and 486.6 pound-feet of torque to the tires.

How did it get there? Simple. Lethal Racing installed a VaraRam cold air intake, milled PRC LS3 heads, and one of their own Enforcer camshafts. But don’t be fooled thinking that’s all was done to this Camaro to achieve those numbers, because the package was completed with a 25% underdrive pulley, a 160-degree thermostat, and a set of American Racing 1-7/8″ headers.

To help the car’s owner, Brandon Broussard, get the car into the powerband much quicker, a Yank 3600 RPM stall converter is called upon.

When this car was bone stock, Broussard tells us that his best time was a 13.31, and apparently, his time dropped all the way down to 12.73 with nothing more than the VaraRam intake. This upcoming weekend will tell the tale of how much of an improvement has been made with the new modifications, and if the car responds to mods that we think deep 11’s isn’t too much to ask.

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