This Tiny Suzuki Mighty Boy Kei Car Holds An LS V8

Everyone knows one of the most foolproof solutions when in the quest for performance; give a car some power, mix in some weight reduction, and bam– just like that, you have a quicker and more fun car. This is why we’ve seen people swapping LS’ into everything from the lightest of production cars to even golf carts and go karts.

We’re pretty sure this idea (and maybe its looks) led this specific Aussie to snatch up one of these Japanese Kei cars. A Suzuki Mighty Boy, to be exact.

LS Swapped Suzuki Mighty BoySuzuki_Mighty_Boy_001 2

From the factory, the Mighty Boy houses a 543-cc SOHC motor, pushing roughly 28 horsepower. No, that’s not a typo and, no, we didn’t forget the zero. These little economic utes were never sold in the United States, but we just happened to come across one for sale online for only $4,200. Seems like a steal to us.

It’s cheap, tiny, and even kind of adorable– what else could you want? A V8, that’s what else. Weighing in at a mere 1168 (ish) pounds, these kei cars have the weight factor taken care of, but the power… not so much.

The Austrailian fellow mentioned above decided to change that, though– having swapped out the inline-3 for an LS V8. How he got it to fit, we have no idea. It is useless? Probably. But is it badass? Yes.

See for yourself in the video above of it showing off at a recent event in Sydney, Austrailia.

LS Swapped Suzuki Mighty BoyScreen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.03.07 AM copy 2

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