This Used to be the World’s Fastest Camaro Before a 220 MPH Crash

Last weekend, thousands of racers and spectators arrived in Beeville, Texas for the semi-annual running of the Texas Mile. This event essentially gives racers a chance to go as fast as they can push their cars, with the elite often running over 200 MPH on a repurposed airport runway. The thing about speed is that it’s addictive, and as one Camaro driver found out, losing control at those kinds of speeds can make for a very scary ride.

Jalopnik posted these pictures of a car formerly known as the World’s Fastest Camaro, which flipped end over end at the Texas Mile, leaving nothing but a shattered, burnt-out husk of a car. Thankfully, the driver Joe Huneycutt was bruised and battered but otherwise OK. The car? Ya, it’s all done.

You may remember that last year, this very same Camaro snagged the title of “Worlds Fastest Streetcar” from a twin-turbo Ford GT tuned by Hennessey Performance. Driven by the same Joe Huneycutt, the Camaro beat out the Ford GT by just 0.1 MPH, for a top speed of 263.2 MPH last fall. The car got squirelly at the end of the run, but at least that time Huneycutt was able to reign it in.

But not this time. As the Camaro approached 220 MPH, Huneycutt lost control for unknown reasons, causing the Camaro to flip over and over and over. Thankfully, all the safety equipment worked as intended, as while Huneycutt was beat up, he survived after being airlifted to a nearby hospital. But the Camaro is a total loss, and it will probably be awhile before either Huneycutt or the World’s Fastest Camaro make a return to the Texas Mile.


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