Twin Turbo C5 Corvette Vs. Modded Charger Hellcat

hellcat c5 corvette 2

With all the hype circulating the internet with news about the Demon unveiling, we thought we’d throw another Dodge headline in the mix– but this time with a focus on the Hellcat, a great competitor for our favorite GM performance cars.

Thankfully, this isn’t just a regular ol’ stock versus stock head-to-head this time, as the ‘Vette would definitely be seeing some kitty tail lights in that case.

For this, though we don’t know any specifics, we do know that the Charger Hellcat is modified, surely pushing more than its stock horsepower output of 707, and the fifth-gen Corvette is housing twin turbos under the hood. Fair competition? Who knows. But, either way, lining these two up sounds quite entertaining.

In this video taken at Royal Purple Raceway, the Hellcat gets a much better start than the 1320 unicorn look-alike C5, but, impressively, both cars cross the quarter-mile finish line in less than 10 seconds. One clocking in at 9.795 seconds, and the other at 9.972.

We’ll let you watch the video to find out which is which. And we’re not gonna lie– that Hellcat looks pretty quick…

…but it might just have to lose a few pounds. Once again, a two-generations old Chevy product beats one of the newest Mopars around– GM never lets us down.

Now, we’re going to be keeping our eyes open for some videos of budget friendly Corvette builds going up against the new big-ticket Dodge Demon. Nothing wrong with some friendly competition.

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