Vengeance Racing Claims – World’s Most Powerful C7 Z06


We have seen a number of impressive vehicles from Vengeance Racing over the years, and they seem to just keep getting better and better. Their most recent project has been the Arctic white C7 Z06 which caught some initial attention when owner and operator Ron Mowen performed a spectacular burnout in the Corvette dealership’s parking lot upon delivery… with their permission of course.

It didn’t take long for the guys at Vengeance to start tearing into this car and seeing what makes it tick, and then make it tick even faster. We have seen some of the more standard modifications like intake, exhaust, headers, and blower pulleys; but this time they are really taking their Z06 to the next level.

Through posting on CorvetteForum, Mowen mentioned, “If holding the M7 quarter-mile trap speed and half-mile top speed records were not enough….. Vengeance Racing teamed up with our friends at Nitrous Outlet to take things one step further. Knowing the 1.7-liter blower has very little (if anything) left to give our current combination, we decided to add a full nitrous system to the mix.”

To this point, Vengeance Racing’s C7 Z06 currently has the modifications listed below:

Halltech Carbon Fiber CKNZ4_303f4f916bbaf68695469ca530be07bf018f62ec
VR ported Throttlebody
VR 2.38 Upper Pulley Kit
VR Lower Damper
VR Stage III Custom Camshaft Kit-Retains VVT/Deletes DOD
American Racing 2-inch Stainless Long tubes with 3-inch ORX
B&B Fusion Catback Exhaust
RPS Triple Carbon Clutch with Tilton Hydraulics
RPM Level VII TR6070 Transmission
Driveshaft Shop Half Shafts
LG Motorsports Drag Spindles
VR Flex Fuel Sensor Kit
Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System


The Vengeance Racing 2015 C7 Corvette Z06


Mowen also commented that, “After years of building some of the quickest and fastest LSA/LS9 powered vehicles in the country, we knew we wanted Nitrous Outlet to design a spray bar system for our LT4 supercharger to ensure equal distribution from our nitrous system. As always the guys came thru for us!”

9_f0a18ca64bdd7ef6400b818903a37faeb0830047The nitrous kit inlcudes:
Nitrous Outlet 2 Gallon dedicated fuel cell
Nitrous Outlet TWIN Carbon fiber nitrous tanks
Nitrous Outlet Billet Bottle Bracket
NOS Launcher Progressive controller

All Tuning was done on E85 with a 57-percent mixture, which is made possible by using both the main tank and a dedicated fuel cell installed into the vehicle.

When the Vengeance team first installed a 41 nitrous jet, the car produced 956 rear wheel horse power and 936 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels, producing a gain of 169 hp and 124 lb-ft. Bowen went on to explain, “We were simply too close to the ever so tempting 1000 rwhp mark so we swapped in a 57 jet and pulled a few additional degrees of timing. The result was [a whopping] 1,088 hp and 1,079 lb-ft! These new numbers solidify our ‘C7Z’ as the world’s most powerful C7 Z06 to date!”

Quite the achievement to say the least, and considering the comment about knowing they have hit the limit of the factory LT4 blower, we can’t wait to see what they drum up next.

Using a 41 nitrous jet the car made 956 hp and 936 lb-ft. With a 57 nitrous jet, the car put 1,088 hp and 1079 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels!


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