Video: 5th-Gen Camaro Rolling On Huge 32-Inch Rims

At what point oversized wheels (or “rims” as they are also known) became so popular, we don’t quite know. What we can say is that since the 1980’s, the size of rims has grown more and more ridiculous. Once, 20’s, or “dubs” were the most-have automotive accessory. But now that many cars, the 5th generation Camaro included, now offer 20-inch rims right from the factory, and dubs just don’t cut it anymore.

That’s why we have this video, found by Inside Line, of a 5th generation Camaro rolling on 32-inch rims. Yes, you read that right; 32-inch rims.

Standing at over two and a half feet tall, these massive chrome reflectors require serious suspension and body modifications just to fit into the Camaro’s wheel wells. This also serves to seriously jack up the height of the Camaro, making it look absolutely awkward in every sense of the word.

And let’s not even talk about cost. As Inside Line points out, the cheapest tires they could find in this size retail for over $1,100 each. The wheels themselves no doubt cost north of $10,000…and then there are all the modifications required to make them fit. If this is how you want to spend your hard-earned money, then OK. However, we will have to doubt both your taste and sanity.

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