Good thing this guy already has a body shop on speed dial...

This past Monday we brought you the story of how a ZR1 driver took $100k+ worth of Corvette and smashed it into an SRT8 when he tried to show off his mad driving skills for the camera, and now Jalopnik has the story and video of the aftermath.

Apparently, the two cars were in fact street racing, but were both able to avoid getting charged thanks to the ZR1 owner taking full responsibility for the whole thing. The SRT8 owner actually showed the police the video of the wreck, and persuaded them that he was just trying to catch a video of his “favorite Vette” driving by, rather than capture a street race. You’ll notice in the second video, that the SRT8 driver has a much different tone than in the first installment. I’m sure it has something to do with realizing that anyone who owns a ZR1 should have no problem paying to fix a Chrysler.

Perhaps one of the most amusing things about this whole story is that apparently this wasn’t the first time the ZR1 had been in a situation like this. These are the words of the SRT8 Driver, as quoted by Jalopnik:

“The guy was rich and didn’t care at all about the car, only that he was gonna have to put it “BACK” and yes I mean “BACK” in the shop. Wasn’t his first accident in it. He clearly stated this many times on the side of the road. I don’t care to share his story for that one. He should be embarrassed enough.”