Video: Al Gamboa’s Z06 Runs Mid Nines At Dallas

While our base of operations in SoCal offers year-round racing (when the tracks aren’t getting shut down by complaints from the neighbors, that is), there are dragstrips across the nation waking up from winter hibernation to the sounds of racers dusting off the cobwebs with a little test and tune action. Normally, you’d expect the quick pass of the day to belong to some rail or tube-frame car, but a couple of weeks ago, Al Gamboa was seen with his yellow Z06 at Dallas Raceway in Crandall, Texas where he ran the best run of the day. In our featured video, Gamboa pulls off an impressive pass of 9.52 at 143.98 MPH.

And with all of the go fast goodies that Gamboa has on his ‘Vette, it’s no wonder that his pass took top honors for the day. The bottom end of the motor in Gamboa’s Z06 is stock, while forced induction is made possible via a T-trim Vortech supercharger from A & A Corvette of Oxnard, California. This massive supercharger also breathes through a set of Trick Flow heads that add to the ‘Vette mill’s massive air consumption.

The yellow ‘Vette’s lumpy cam was selected by Brian Tooley, while an Alky Control methanol injection setup helps keep IAT under control. The ‘Vette’s PCM was installed and tuned by Bret Bradbury, and as you can see from our video, Bradbury is a most street and strip worthy engine tuner.

The weather was definitely not the most forgiving on Gamboa and his yellow Z06, and after it had become overcast, Gamboa simply was not able to muster up enough traction to run any faster than his 9.52 second pass that made him a track hero for the day.

That was okay though, because Gamboa looked good doing his over the top burnout at the Dallas Raceway starting line. The Corvette sounds more like a 747 as it screams violently before the Dallas Christmas tree. It not only sounds but runs ferocious, and Bret Bradbury’s fine tuning matched with A & A’s induction technology really shines through on the tarmac.

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