Anyone who has ever hung around the more posh portions of the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles in general knows of the living Barbie doll who calls herself Angelyne. And with a pink C6 and a condo to match, how can you not love her?

But Curbed Los Angeles summed-up Angelyne and her strange facade when they described her almost all-pink habitat in a few choice words, “She’s sacrificed her life to embodying everybody’s worst and weirdest ideas about Los Angeles, and she just keeps on giving to the cause.”

Fantasy vs. Reality

But there is a certain sex appeal–strange but true–that follows Angelyne and her Barbie-shaped shadow, and the pink C6 ‘Vette that has become part of her unorthodox image is just as much a part of who she is in LA as the Mattel-like accessories that follow.

In our featured video, poor Angelyne – the “Barbie” of LA – is stalked by Paparazzi as she loads some of these “accessories” into the bright pink hatch of her fantasy ‘Vette, a bitchin’ car but one that has become associated with what is without a doubt one of the strangest faces in our fair, West Coast city.

Watch Angelyne as she desperately hides behind a Hello Kitty purse, trying to pay off the parking meter and once again become part of the plastic facade we all know as the City of Angels. Let’s face it: some people use their rides to create an extension of themselves, a goal in which Angelyne has definitely been successful.

It’s sad that the Paparazzi has made such a massive industry out of stalking people here on the West Coast, but again let’s face it: Isn’t that really what Los Angeles, California is all about? Hell yeah!