Video: Bone Stock ZR1 Goes 181 MPH at The Texas Mile

It can be easy to get a little bit jaded about standing mile top speed numbers. This seems to be especially true when we live in a time where 4th Gen Camaros have even been known to climb well over the 200 MPH mark, and boosted supercars seem to have no problem getting over 250 MPH. But the truth is that those high speed cars have a ton of aftermarket speed goodies to help them run those numbers.

The 'Beast 9' in Jim Cosco's ZR1 has no modifications - just all the good stuff The General gave it.

We’ve been curious for a while now about how a bone stock LS powered car like the ZR1 or ZL1 could do in the standing mile. Luckily, we recently found this awesome video from our buddies at Gearhead Flicks, featuring Jim Cosco’s unmodified ZR1 running in the Texas Mile last October. Now, Chevrolet says that with a long enough road, the Corvette ZR1 will do 205 miles per hour in the same trim as it rolls off the showroom floor. We don’t really know just how much road Chevy used up to produce that number, but we do know exactly how long the strip is at The Texas Mile. As you’ll see in the video, Cosco takes his stock ZR1 to 181.2 miles per hour in just a short 5,280 feet – all without so much as changing to a different set of wheels and tires.   

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