Video: Bone Stock ZR1 Runs 10.33 at 132 MPH on Drag Radials

A few weeks ago we brought you the story about the new quarter mile record that had been set for a bone stock C6 Z06 with nothing but a set of drag radials. It might have left many of you wondering, as I know it did with us, what the more powerful ZR1 could do under the same kind of conditions, with the same stellar driving. Well, we have your answer.

As it turns out, the new bone stock Z06 record, and the new bone stock ZR1 record were set in the exact same place on the exact same day; December 11th, 2011 at Maryland International Dragway. As with the Z06, the ZR1 featured in this video has no modifications other than a set of drag radials and yet stops the timer at an astonishing 10.33 at 132 MPH. Turns out that extra 130 plus horsepower is good for something in the hands of the right driver.

In the thread on Corvette Forum, member Kyle Lemish had this to say about his record setting run: “Sunday at MIR was a great day. Probably the best air possible to run in. Any colder and the track temp would never get warm enough to hook on. It just keeps amazing me what this car is capable of without modifications.”

Lemish goes on to say, “The most amazing part of this pass to me is the sub 6 (5.988) second 330′ to 1/4 split. That really shows how hard a stock ZR1 pulls!”

Here’s the incrementals:

  • 60-foot: 1.525
  • 330: 4.344
  • 1/8 Mile: 6.655 at 106.63
  • 1000-foot: 8.651
  • 1/4 Mile: 10.332 at 132.74


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