Spring is in full swing, and that means that soon there will be plenty of proms, weddings, and other events calling for classy transportation coming up. If you’re a Camaro enthusiast who really wants to roll in style, check out this video we found on YouTube from the Australian Limo rental service Showtime Limos. In the video we get an inside look at one of their most popular rides; the stretched 5th Gen Camaro “Bumblebee”.

The Bumblebee Limo is decked-out in the signature Transformers Edition yellow, and features a plethora of transformers and Autobots insignia. If you look closely at the interior shots, you’ll even notice that the seat pattern is done to mimic the Autobots emblem. Apparently, you can even rent a Bumblebee helmet to wear in the pics of your special event to get the full Transformers experience. Lucky Aussies; they always get all the cool stuff.

All in all they’ve done a pretty good job expressing the whole Transformers theme, but we couldn’t help but wonder to ourselves just what the robot hiding under this limo skin would be like. Since it’s a stretched version, would Bumblebee now be the Yao Ming of the Autobots, with a greatly increased stature? Would he just have longer wings? Why don’t all you Transformers aficionados let us know.