The biggest news to come out in regards to Bowtie muscle in well over 30 years was just released less than a week ago, and we at Chevy Hardcore were happy to be among the first to bring you news of the 2012 ZL1 Camaro release, as Chevy had announced shipment to dealers of the first batch.

Arrival of the all new ZL1s is exciting on multiple levels; rated at 580bhp with a 0-60 launch of just 3.9 seconds and can top out at 184mph. The 2012 ZL1 promises to have earth-shattering performance is described by auto reporter, Nick Miles as “unnecessarily fast.”

We were indeed excited to announce that GM was ready to ship the ZL1s, but at the time what we didn’t tell you is that Chevy offers ZL1 Camaro buyers an incentive that just adds to the 5th-Gen’s already well rounded performance package.

The current ZL1, a $55k package, is offered with an unusual factory warranty that covers the buyer on the road and at the racetrack, so that the 580 horse Camaro’s true potential can be realized responsibly.

This is, of course, good news for every Bowtie buff who wants a fast 5th-Gen without all the messy work, and Nick Miles reinforces the Camaro’s door slammer status by saying that the new ZL1 is “a production car from the factory that’s ready to race.”

Given that this is the case and purpose of the ’12 ZL1, it’s good to know that the General has us covered whenever car and driver decide to become unbridled.