Video: Camaro5 Members Celebrate Camaro’s “Heritage” with Video

The Norcal members of Camaro5 teamed up to film this pretty impressive piece of automotive Cinema, paying homage to the rich heritage of the Camaro. In the original thread on Camaro5, the idea was put out that the group should get together and do something a little bit different from the typical car meet and photo shoot that are typical of groups all across the country, and they decided to do a movie trailer style video featuring their cars. We must say, as Camaro lovers ourselves, we find the final product to be pretty spectacular.

The video opens on a singular Camaro coming to a stop a designated meeting spot, as he waits for the others to arrive. “One Car” becomes “One Family” as several other 5th Gens arrive, while the intense thematic music by Steve Jablonsky from the Transformers 3 soundtrack sets the tone. The mood shifts just a bit, about half way through the 7 minute video as the focus changes to the Camaro’s “Five Generations of History.” The production crew of this video was able to round up a Camaro from each of the 5 generations for a very impressive video montage of the Camaro’s rich history, honoring each generation of the iconic Chevy. In the final shots of the heritage montage, a red 35th anniversary 4th Gen passes a new 5th gen, as a symbolic meeting of the old and new, and the final message in the closing moments of the video reads, “One Love. One Car. Only One Camaro.”

The video was written and directed by Neil Karunatilaka, of x7productions.

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