Video: Chevy V8-Powered Miata Uses Kickstarter to Raise Funds

The invention and adaptation of the internet has connected humanity in ways never before imagined. This has led to the rise of online gaming, eBay-style auction websites, and of course, lots and lots of porn. But there are a lot of interesting websites on the internet that don’t feature naked ladies…like Kickstarter, a sort-of grassroots fundraising solution for some really cool (and weird) projects.

Jalopnik came across this particular project, a Chevy V8-powered Miata owned by the famed Flyin’ Miata team. They need to raise money to get their V8 Miata to Newfoundland in time for the Targa Newfoundland race, and so they have turned to Kickstarter.

In case you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, the premise is simple; you have to convince people to pledge money to your particular cause or project, but there’s a catch. You have to set a goal, and if you don’t meet that goal, then you don’t get a single dime. But if you do, you get all your money and then some. As for Flyin’ Miata, they are a well-known aftermarket tuner of Miatas, offering everything from V8 swaps to turbo kits. Sure, it may not be a muscle car…but with the right V8 under the hood, those little corner carvers can fly down the track. Hence, the name. The Flyin’ Miata has an estimated 400 rear-wheel horsepower in a car that weighs only around a ton. That should be some serious fun.

For the Flyin’ Miata team, this will be their last trip to the Targa Newfoundland, and they aim to win. Their 5.3 liter V8-powered Miata is light, fast, and powerful, and its owners are no strangers to racing. As of this writing the Fylin’ Miata has another 25 days and $1,700 to go to meet their $5,000 goal. Got a few bucks bangin’ around in your PayPal account? Why not hit up their Kickstarter page and flip them a few dollars to help get them to their goal.

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