Video: Drag Racing The Caprice PPV Detective Model

We were so stoked to find this video from (of all places) Fox News that features a drag test of a detective model of the Chevy Caprice PPV. I mean, who hasn’t been curious what V8 cop cars can run in the quarter mile? By now you’re probably pretty familiar with the specs of the Caprice PPV, including its 355 horsepower 6.0L LS engine, but until now we haven’t found any kind of specific test showing what Chevy’s latest cop car could run in the quarter mile.

“It offers a combination of speed and size, with plenty of room for gear and criminals” says host Gary Gastelu “But you’ve go to catch them before you can put them in [the back seat]. So Gastelu took the Caprice PPV Detective model out to Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, to test its acceleration and pursuit capabilities for himself against some “punks” in their souped up cars.

Unfortunately, Gastelu spends most of his time trying, and failing, to run down just about every other vehicle the PPV faces on the drag strip. The PPV seems sluggish at best off the line, and things don’t seem to get much better from there. At the end of the video, Gastelu shows us his best time slip of the night; a disappointing 14.596 at 98.12 MPH. Sadly, he’s 6-tenths away from even being required to wear that helmet.

He may not exactly have a future in the NHRA, but much to his credit, Gastelu ends the test of the PPV cop car with a few “donuts” – and they aren’t the kind that police would like.

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