Video: “Einzeltest” Reviews Geiger Cars’ Supercharged Camaro SS

With access to plenty of Porsches and BMW’s its pretty interesting that so many German tuners are taking quite a shine to the 5th Gen Camaro. The retina scorching lime green Camaro featured in this video from YouTube is a full on, left hand drive US-spec “SS” that has been tuned by Germany’s Geiger Cars. (One of the first things we noticed, other than the blinding color of the car, is that they left all the SS emblems on the car. Interesting…)

From what spotty info we can gather from the Google Machine, the Geiger Camaro SS makes 564 rear wheel horsepower and 488 pound feet of torque. Considering that the word “Supercharged” is proudly emblazoned on the quarter panels, it’s a short walk to figure out where that extra power is coming from.

According to the video the base price of this SS is 74,900 Euros, or a mind boggling 98,808 US dollars. Geiger claims it will clip 100 kilometers (62 miles per hour) in 4.1 seconds, and that the “Vmax” (which we are assuming means “maximum velocity” or “top speed”) is 310 kilometers an hour, or 192 miles per hour. That actually seems pretty unlikely considering the more aerodynamic ZR1 could only squeeze out 170 MPH when The Smoking Tire tested it at the Mojave Mile.

Marcus Peters, Editor of the German car magazine, “Auto Motor und Sport” gets the duty of running the Geiger Camaro through its paces on the track. Of course, we can’t understand what Peters has to say about the Camaro, but he seems slightly disappointed when the Camaro manages a 0-100 kilometer time of 4.9 seconds, almost a full second less than what Geiger claims the car can do.

Well, even if buyers won’t get a car that’s quite as fast as Geiger claims it to be, at least they will get their money’s worth of ego boosting attention thanks to that paint job.

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