Lou Gigliotti of LG Motorsports is the proprietor of plenty of go-fast parts to make your Corvette a ten-tenths capable track car that’s able to run all-out indefinitely (or until you run out of fuel). LG Motorsports has pioneered cooling solutions to the often hot-blooded Corvette, keeping you out of limp mode on the track and has developed power-adding engine upgrades, suspension enhancements and carbon fiber bodywork.

LG Motorsports and Gigliotti are not a bunch of “drawing board” engineers though, they get out in the world and test their products. With a background in road racing, Gigliotti has the means and skill to be his own pro hot-shoe to validate parts.

Here, we look back to 2011 where, at the Spectre 341 challenge, Lou Gigliotti took top honors, winning the event and improving on his winning time from the previous year by 7.3 seconds. Referred to as the “Nurburgring of Nevada,” the 22 corner hill climb course leaves little to no room for mistakes or runoff. With a finishing time of 3:14 Lou was on it, but admittedly had to play it a little safe due to the potential consequences for an off.

LG MotorsportsRacing his 2012 Corvette ZR1, Gigliotti hit peak speeds of 142 miles per hour, thanks to a seriously beefed up engine, suspension and aero package. Gigliotti reffered to the setup as “very similar to what we run in the American LeMans series.”

Listening to the run, the shrill whine of the supercharger is the prevailing sound – a reminder of what’s hiding under the hood.