A performance car should sound like a performance car. There’s no point in harboring all that horsepower under your hood if you want to keep it all choked up with the restrictive stock exhaust system that barely even makes a peep at wide open throttle. But If you’ve got a hankering to hear a performance growl from your tailpipes, and add more power to boot, then Flowmaster has just what you need.

Flowmaster recently released the new Outlaw Series Cat-Back Exhaust System for the 2010 and up Camaro SS (part number 817556) for those of you who want to announce to the world just how much power your car has. The Outlaw Cat-Back is made of 3” diameter mandrel bent 409S stainless steel tubing, and utilizes a scavenger X-pipe to maximize low end torque in your Camaro. The straight-through, all business Outlaw mufflers make sure your 5th Gen Camaro sounds as aggressive as it looks.

The Outlaw series cat-back is the most aggressive sounding exhaust system that Flowmaster makes for the 5th Gen, meaning that you’ll hear all that power at work at idle, part-throttle, and especially at WOT. In addition, you’ll see a significant bump in both horsepower and torque thanks to the system’s huge piping diameter, fast flowing mandrel bends, and X-pipe. Best of all, since the Outlaw Series Cat-Back is made from stainless, Flowmaster guarantees the system for life. Check out Flowmaster’s video to hear the Outlaw in action, and visit Flowmaster’s website for more info on all their offerings for the 5th Gen Camaro.