We love us some 4th Gen Camaro burnout videos just as much as the next gearhead, but this video we came across on YouTube seems to pose a bit of a “burnout moral dilemma.” The video starts out just like most burnout videos, with a red Z28 sporting a set of trash tires on the rear axle that’s ready and poised for some burnout fun. Everything seems on the up-and-up until just before he starts ripping the rear tires to shreds. That’s when we noticed that the front tires are blocked. We also became aware of the camera work, and the fact that the cameraman seems to intentionally avoid revealing the block on the front tires. Also, observe that the pavement is quite wet, further enhancing the ease with which the tires can be set ablaze. Combine all these factors, and the evidence starts screaming of foul-play.

Now, don’t get us wrong; the burnout is still quite impressive. The smoke artfully billowing over the front of the car as the headlights shine though makes for some pretty cool visual impact, but we can’t help but still feel a bit like we are being tricked. So, check out the video for yourself, and tell us: Is it cheating to block the front tires on wet pavement to get your burnout going, or is all fair when it comes to boiling the hides?