Video: Half Naked Brazilian Crashes New Camaro

Drunk driving is a universal problem plaguing just about every country on the planet, and all too often the victims are both innocent people, and innocent cars. Getting drunk and then getting behind the wheel is just a bad idea, no matter what language you speak. In the case of a Brazilian man, crashing expensive, exotic cars while wasted has become something of a hobby.

His latest victim is a brand new Camaro that he crashed into a park. Carscoop reports that he then went ahead and locked his half-naked self inside the Camaro with an empty bottle of whiskey before the police got there.

The crash took place in a park in Sao Bernardo do Campo, a suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the young man in question must have been going at quite a clip to tear apart the front end and exhaust the way he did. Reporters and responders had quite the debris field to pick through, though most of the Camaro held together.

The young man, seen in this video here at this link (it won’t embed for us), emerged from his car half naked, his trousers misplaced after a particularly debauched evening (morning?) He left behind an empty whiskey bottle and in all likelihood, the stench of shame. According to the news reports, this isn’t the first high-priced car the kid has wrecked (a Camaro starts at about 185,000 Brazilian Real, about $120,000.) He has apparently also gotten into a scrape with his father’s Ferrari F430, doing considerable damage to that car too. How do you say “Some people never learn” in Portuguese?

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