Video: Hurst Shifter Install For Fifth Gen Camaro

One of the more overlooked performance items on a musclecar is the part you typically come in contact with more than almost anything else: the shifter. Factory shifters are designed to be comfortable, soft to the touch, and more importantly, quiet.

In order to get that shifter quiet, to keep the vibrations and noises from transferring through the shifter they put a lot of soft rubber bushings and grommets all over the mechanism. And in order to give the user an easier task at shifting, the shift lever is typically a l0nger throw, meaning the driver has a little more leverage.

While all these rubber parts are great for making things a little quieter, and the extra leverage makes for easier shifting, there are some drawbacks: sloppy shifts. That rubber has to give, and the feel is less than a firm, positive shift. That’s where companies like Hurst Shifters can help.

With today’s modern musclecars, they have all the power you could want and the six speed transmissions, but the shifting is where the attention to performance falls short. Hurst has been making the task of shifting gears, both manual and automatic, more precise and more performance oriented for nearly five decades.

Their new Billet/Plus 2 shifter for the 2010-2013 Camaro (part #3916030) is available for the V6 or the V8, and not only does it look better than the factory shifter but the shift throw is shorter and firmer, meaning quicker and more direct shifting. The base and stop collar are made from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum, and the gear selector is made from heat treated billet steel for maximum strength. The rotating pivot is made from stainless steel for smooth shifting and to reduce wear.

The shifter incorporates their patented adjustable bias spring load; and the Teflon lined spherical pivot bearing not only makes shifting easier, but allows for improved 2nd to 3rd gear upshifts with self-centering alignment. Installation is simple, and the chrome plated stick and classic white shift knob finish off the timeless look that Hurst is known for.  So check out the video above, and shift into gear with Hurst’s Billet/Plus 2 shifter.

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