Video: JLT Performance Walks You Through A Catch Can Install

When it comes to cold air intakes, JLT Performance has established itself as one of the world’s foremost brands in piping cool atmosphere into motors to make power. And while JLT is predominately known for their Ford products, you might be surprised to know that they make some pretty awesome stuff for our beloved GM rides as well.

Every horsepower fanatic knows that getting cool, dense air into the motor is a must for making horsepower, but what they might not know is that keeping oil out of the intake tract can keep those ponies from fading away over time. That’s why JLT not only makes cold air intakes for the fifth-gen Camaro (2010-2015), they also make air/oil separators, more commonly known as catch cans.

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“Catch can” can be a deceptive term. Typically a catch can catches (duh) any fluid that other wise could leak onto the track and cause slippery conditions. A separator, on the other hand, actually separates oil and air molecules from one another to ensure oil doesn’t get carried back into the intake.

LS engines, unfortunately, are known for sucking down a quart or more of oil in-between changes. This is mostly due to the way the PCV system is designed. Under heavy acceleration and high RPM, oil gets misted into the air in the crank case. It is then sucked into the intake manifold and coats the inside of the manifold and even gets sucked into the cylinders. This can cause massive amount of carbon build up that rob your ride of horsepower. Not to mention, if a piece of that carbon breaks free during combustion, it can cause a hot spot and cause the fuel to pre-ignite—you might know it as detonation or ping.

In this video, JLT shows us just how easy it is to install one of their air/oil separators that will keep your L99/LS3 functioning at it pinnacle for years to come. They’re also working on kits now for the sixth-gen crowd so stay tuned for updates.

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