Video: John Hennessey Takes A 10-Speed ZL1 To Its Limits

If you’ve been following along with the latest news, you may remember seeing a video last December of John Hennessey testing out the Camaro ZL1 (which was brand spankin’ new at the time). He was one of the very first to show the internet what this car was like behind the wheel – hitting its top speed of 173 mph in fifth gear. Although, Chevrolet later took the 10-speed auto to more than 200 mph–but who’s counting?

The specific vehicle’s supercharged 6.4-liter LT4 delivered its power through a six-speed manual transmission, which was the only option at the time.

Fast forward to April and, now, we know everything there is to know about the ZL1 – people love it, Hennessey has upped its power to a whopping 1,000 horsepower with the Exorcist, and, finally, it is available with the widely-popular 10-speed automatic transmission.

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So, of course, he brought us yet another video, taking a completely stock automatic ZL1 from a dead stop all the way to its “top speed.” Obviously, it beats out the manual version (as it does in almost every regard) with a top speed of 179.8 mph, and a impressive 3.6 second 0 to 60 time. The run all the way to 179.8 mph was done fairly quickly as well – only 26.2 seconds. We are impressed, but not surprised.

One of the more important things to note, however, is the ZL1’s massive amount of power. The car is still pulling pretty hard all the way through seventh gear and looks like it would have continued to pull pretty hard in eighth, had the driver not let out of it. We know that the ZL1 can, in fact, eclipse the 200 mph (with the right tail wind).

The end of the video says that we can be expecting an Exorcist acceleration video coming soon. But we have a Dodge Demon, we have an Exorcist, and we’ve seen the manual ZL1 up against an automatic Challenger Hellcat – so what’s missing?…

…We want to see an automatic Hellcat versus an automatic ZL1 and an Exorcist tame a Demon. STAT.

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