The last time that we checked-in with LMR of Houston, Texas they showed us just how “Twisted” they can get when they used Edelbrock’s E-Force system to crank 591 horses on their C6 Grand Sport. It was a scary collaboration of blower and cam, but LMR’s high performance resume does not stop there.

There really is no replacement for displacement, and LMR has used their latest C6 conversion to push the cubic inch envelope even one step further. This is where their “Punisher” C6 comes in, and it’s an LS motor build that takes the high-tech small-block to new heights.

For those who never thought that such a compact, aluminum V8 could be built with such a massive bore, has LMR got a surprise for you. That’s because they’ve made use of a set of 4.135″ forged pistons from Wiseco, bringing the LS7’s displacement up to a staggering 440 cubic inches.

LMR’s built LS7 also makes use of Callies’ 6.125″ H-beam rods and ARP’s 2000 7/16″ bolts to hold everything together. The bottom end of the motor is just as built as the top, using Clevite’s MS 2199 H main bearings along with their CB 663 H rod bearings.

We already know from following LMR in the past that their “Stage 3″ conversion has been successful in squeezing massive power output from the C6 lineup, and when it comes to LMR’s horsepower-building technique it’s largely about head work.

For this reason, they’ve fitted the Punisher’s mill with a set of Stage 3 LS7 heads with titanium intake valves and springs good for up to 0.670” lift.

The end result of LMR’s substantial ‘Vette build is an incredible output of 904.09 horses on nitrous, while putting out a still impressive 636.89 horsepower naturally-aspirated.

It’s a lot of power and cubic inches from a late-model ‘Vette, and it’s a milestone for LMR and for LS performance tech as a whole!