Video: LMR’s 1600 Horse ‘Vette Rips It Up On The Dyno

It’s clear from the ZR1 style front splitter and side skirts on Late Model Racecraft’s twin-turbo Z06 that aerodynamics was of key importance in building the high speed ‘Vette. LMR of Houston, Texas has also benefited from the advanced wind tunnel testing of GM’s Aero Lab, a facility that began testing in August of 1980 for such factors as wind noise and coefficient of drag.

GM North America lead design engineer, Thomas Froling elaborates a little more on the aerodynamics testing process at Aero Lab, or GMAL, “The Aero Lab wind tunnel simulates a vehicle moving through the air by moving air past a stationary, instrumented vehicle.”

According to Froling, testing at GMAL is an expensive yet effective process, but it is one that has allowed LMR of Houston to get the most power with the least amount of wind resistance from their Voodoo Blue Z06, “If we charge an outside entity, the cost would be almost $2,000 per hour…This was the first time we brought back a customer’s production C6 into GMAL.”

Our featured video is a recent post from LMR, and it is of Late Model’s twin-turbo Z06 running all out on a loaded chassis dyno.

In this instance, horsepower pulls through in harmony with the aerodynamic effects of the ’08 ‘Vette’s ZR1-based splitter and skirts, as the car makes approximately 1656.1 RWHP and 1352.5 foot-pounds

But LMR’s twin-turbo setup is only the icing on an already radical “cake,” as the Z06 is stuffed with a 440 cube, aftermarket block with modded LS7 heads and a turbo spec solid-roller cam, all of which chases a TR-6060 six-speed with a G-Force 1-6 gearset and quad-disc clutch.

LMR owner Steve Fereday recalls the results from the ‘Vette’s initial aerodynamics test, “The equipment recorded a 0.373 drag coefficient and a +0.023 CL baseline.” After some eight hours of testing and modifying, LMR was able to reduce this drag coefficient to 0.307 while advancing lift to -0.030.

Because of the extensive amounts of testing and adjusting that have been invested into LMR’s super fast ‘Vette, the car has been heralded as the World’s Fastest Corvette to date. It’s another high horsepower feat from the mechanical geniuses at LMR, but it also speaks volumes about the importance of advanced engineering.

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