When it comes to developing new performance vehicles, engineers have to think of everything, from power and handling objectives to aerodynamics and cooling technology. But it’s not everyday that you see a major automotive manufacturer put so much thought into these areas, that even the traditional brand logo is fair game for change. However, that’s exactly what Chevy engineers did – change the iconic Chevy Bowtie to better the performance of the new 2014 Z/28. Check it out in the video above.

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Dubbed the “Flowtie” by engineers, the new Chevy emblem, which graces the grill of the new top dog track camaro, is a skeleton of the traditional bowtie and there’s a reason behind that.

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“The Camaro Z/28 has more than 190 unique parts, compared to a Camaro SS,” Camaro Chief Engineer, Al Oppenheiser said in a recent press release. “Like the Flowtie, each of these parts were changed with one objective: to deliver incredible performance on the track – not just for the first lap, but lap, after lap, after lap.”

According to GM News, Powertrain Cooling Development Engineer Richard Quinn noticed that the traditional Chevy bowtie on the Z/28’s grill was causing some air to be displaced rather than allowing it to go through the grill into the radiator during testing.

Of course, on high-performance cars like the new performance-driven Camaro, any amount of air available to cool the engine that is lost is bad news. So Quinn opted to take a cutting wheel to the emblem and make it into just an outline of what it was before.

Once equipped with this reworked emblem, the new Z/28 saw three additional cubic meters of air flow per minute reach the radiator, causing a drop of 2 degrees Fahrenheit in coolant and oil temperatures over an extended period of testing time.

Though seemingly minor, this small drop in engine fluid temperatures because of a change in the Chevy Bowtie prompted engineers to make the new chrome outline emblem a part of the production Z/28 model.

With the new Flowtie-equipped Z/28 set to hit dealerships this spring, performance enthusiasts can check out the improved airflow of the new badge for themselves. And although we can’t say it will make a huge difference, the new badge is just another innovative idea that keeps the fifth-generation Camaro models at the top of the sales market!

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Update: Keen-eyed reader and friend of LSXMAG Kelly Fromm points out that the SSX concept from the 2010 SEMA show also sported a badge like this…