LS-swaps are awesome, but what happens to this particular LS1-powered Sonoma while on the dyno is not so awesome. According to the video description this ’96 Sonoma owned by ‘LS Dave’ has reaped the substantial horsepower and torque benefits of the new engine, but during a recent trip to dyno the power led to a little destruction. Thanks to the security camera footage, viewers are able to witness the Sonoma spit out a driveshaft. Things seem to be going normally at first, but as the RPM’s climb a puff of black smoke emits from the rear followed by loud noise heard and suddenly a hunk of metal flies from underneath the truck.

Luckily the two guys standing next to LS Dave’s Sonoma are on the driver’s side versus the passenger side where the driveshaft is launched. Fortunately no one is injured and the vehicle next to the dyno is unharmed. In a previous YouTube video, LS Dave is seen tearing up the tires as he leaves a local auto parts store with his pickup. It will take a new driveshaft before Dave and his LS1–powered Sonoma are once again terrorizing streets or roasting the tires, but hopefully it will not take him to long to make the necessary repairs.