Records were made to be broken, and if you don’t believe us, just ask Nick Mobus, who recently broke the world record for the quickest stock cubic inch, nitrous-fed LS1 at the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois.

mobusThis isn’t the first time that Mobus and the Camaro have claimed this title. Nick’s 1995 Camaro held this record back in 2012 with a pass of 9.19 at 147 mph, which he set at the LSX Shootout in Indianapolis. During some down time with the car, the record was taken by another racer who dipped into the 8-second range. Not to be bested, Mobus came out earlier in the year with his own 8-second pass in the Camaro to once again take the title, putting down a pass of  8.87 at 154 mph in the 347 cubic inch engine.

But, why settle? During Friday night qualifying at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl in Joliet, Mobus and the ’95 Camaro turned heads with another memorable pass as the Chevy rolled through the water box and lined up to go its’ quickest yet: laying down a pass that stopped the timers with a blistering run of 8.75 at 153.79 mph.

The 1995 Camaro Z28, built by Legend Racing Enterprises out of Schaumburg, Illinois, has a TH400 behind it and a Steve Johnson’s Induction Solutions single-stage plate that feeds the 347 cubic inch engine.

Watch this video as Nick Mobus and his LRE built ‘95 Chevy Camaro once again break the record for the quickest stock cubic inch nitrous powered LS1 in the world, in this seemingly effortless pass at Joliet!

(Video credit: Mike Pryka)