One of the most grueling events in motorsports is the Spectre 341 Challenge in Virginia City, Nevada. This 5.2-mile long course features over 22 turns and 1,216 feet of elevation to climb.  Late-model Camaro and Corvette suspension experts Pfadt Engineering decided this would be the ultimate proving ground for their Ring Spec Camaro. Aaron Pfadt piloted the Ring Spec Camaro through the twists and turns throughout the event. During the first run up the hill the Ring Spec Camaro managed to turn a time of 3:56 complete with a passenger and a full tank of fuel. According to the Pfadt blog, the combined weight of the car, driver, passenger and fuel, put the 2010 Camaro at approximately 4,100 pounds.

Once the first run was complete, Aaron Pfadt suspected that making the elite 3:41 club was well within reach. For those unfamiliar with the 3:41 Club, it is basically means that the car and driver successfully completed the 5.2-mile course in under 3 minutes and 41 seconds. On the third run of the morning session, Pfadt had driven the Camaro into the 3:41 Club with a 3:39 time for the course. By day two, the Ring Spec Camaro and Aaron Pfadt had managed to complete the course in 3 minutes, 35 seconds; despite having to leave for Germany the next day the team was ready to attempt the course one last time.

By this point the course conditions had changed, thanks to weather and the driving styles of overzealous competitors. Pfadt had made it through most of the course without major issues, until turn 19. With dust on the track, the Camaro lost grip in the turn and ended up climbing the side of the hill. Despite the dramatic nature of the video, the Ring Spec Camaro only suffered body damage and a broken right front wheel. In the end Pfadt’s driving skills behind the wheel of the Ring Spec Camaro netted the crew 8th place (3:32 time), induction into the 3:41 Club and a strong desire to compete again.