Video: powerTV’s Corvette Funfest 2011 Highlights with Mike Yager

Mike Yager takes us through the highlights of Mid America Motorworks' Corvette Funfest 2011.

Mid America Motorworks Corvette Funfest 2011 in Effingham, Illinois was an incredible time for Corvette owners and enthusiasts, and powerTV was lucky enough to have the event’s “Chief Cheerleader”, Mid America Motorworks’ own Mike Yager give us a full rundown of the event’s highlights. The get together has been going on for nearly two decades, and has continued to grow every year with this year’s event reaching massive proportions. Yager tells us, “This is the 18th Annual Corvette Funfest – an event that started with about 300 Corvettes, and about 1,200 spectators. Fast forward 18 years, and we will see between 15,000 to 17,000 Corvettes here, and around 45,000 people.”

As you will remember from our full coverage of Funfest, Yager revealed the two latest additions to his already incredible Corvette collection – one of the C5 Alpha cars used for development, and a Beta Car which was one of the final prototypes before the C5 went public. These two very special cars represent major milestones on Corvette’s path to what it is today, and Funfest was the perfect place to show them off.

Another highlight of Funfest was the “Install Dome” where Corvette owners could have aftermarket parts from Mid America Motorworks installed right in the middle of the festivities – everything from exhaust systems and cold air intakes, to new wheels and tires. A full service Sales Center was also open for Corvette owners to check out the latest products for their cars.

As you will also remember, we brought you a news story on the Wienermobile that was in attendance at Funfest. Yager tells us, “When Corvette Funfest first started, one of the things I wanted here was the ‘Wienermobile’. And each year we would send a request in to Oscar Mayer – well 18 years and 18 requests later, we got the Wienermobile here.”

The party didn’t stop once the sun went down over Effingham, as Mid America Motorworks put on a free rock concert for all of the Funfest attendees. Yager tells us, “To me one of the special gifts that we give our customers is the free concert. Tonight we have Don Felder – 4 time Grammy winner, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitar player – 27 years as lead guitar player for the Eagles.” One lucky Funfest attendee even won a Fender Stratocaster autographed by Don Felder himself.

This may have been powerTV’s first Corvette Funfest, but we had such an incredible time that it definitely won’t be our last.

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