Video: Record For World’s Longest Drift Broken Using 5th Gen Camaro

A few weeks ago the Guinness Book of World Records “World’s Longest Vehicle Drift” record was shattered by Lebanese drifter Abdo Feghali. Best of all he achieved this feat with the help of a 5th Gen Camaro SS, and we get an inside look at the record breaking slides in the video above from Red Bull.  

Lebanese drift champ, Abdo Feghali, used this 5th Gen Camaro SS to break the world record for "Longest Vehicle Drift" in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Feghali’s made his attempts at breaking the record under the watchful eye of Guinness Book officials at Yas Marina Circuit, located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. As you can see from the video above, Feghali’s first attempt was made in a ZL1, but was abandoned because of “too much vibration” after about 10 kilometers. He switched to what appears to be a boosted 5th Gen SS and drifted the car for over 14 minutes and a distance of 11,180 meters. That converts to 36,679 feet, or a whopping 6.9 miles of sliding sideways.  

Feghali's distance of 11,180 meters nearly doubles the previous record.

The previous record of 5,802 meters (19,035 feet) belonged to Chinese drifter Wang Qi, and was set on September 30th of 2011 at the World Drift Series. Considering that Feghali more than doubled Qi’s distance, this should be a very tough record to break.

Now for the next order of business – finding out what tires were able to stand up to that kind of abuse for that long…

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