Video: Right-Hand Drive C7 Corvette Spotted in Austrailia

We’re sure there are still many Corvette fans here in the United States who aren’t exactly thrilled with the beloved sports car’s pricing–especially when a Z06 can go for well over $100,000. But then, there are stories of fans elsewhere who are willing to pay U.S. pricing plus thousands more just to be able to drive the very ‘Vettes we take for granted on the streets around their hometown.

Of course, vehicles that originate in the United States are left-hand drive, but have you ever thought about people from other countries that need that right-hand drive option? Yeah, didn’t think so. In late 2015, Chevy mentioned creating a few right-hand drive platforms for Australia, but unfortunately, we haven’t heard any news since.

But, as you can see from the video, RHD ‘Vettes are definitely possible. This guy actually visited the U.S. to pick out the car, shipped it to Australia and, seven weeks and another $50,000 later, was enjoying his new Corvette from the wrong side of the car.

It’s definitely turning a lot of heads– 1320Video actually spotted this RHD Corvette at a drag racing event and the owner even let the videographer drive it and take it down the strip.

A Camaro SS and C7 Corvette with RHD Conversions from Corvette Clinic.

The company that did the conversion, Corvette Clinic, is not only extremely specialized for Corvettes and Camaros, but has performed hundreds of RHD conversions. They have created multiple custom parts to move all the controls to the right-hand side of the vehicle, this time, resulting in one of very few street legal Corvettes in the land down under.

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