We all like to imagine how we’ll react to certain situations, whether it be an end-of-the-world scenario or something more benign, like lost luggage or winning the lottery. When it comes to cars, anyone who has ever had a 400-horsepower anything thinks they know “fast.” But until you’ve experienced the feeling of 1,000 horsepower surging you forward.

cait-corvetteTheChazz.com shows us what happens when a swimsuit model goes for a ride in a Corvette boasting 950 horsepower at the wheels. We’re not sure if it’s her swimsuit or her smile, but we can’t get enough of this video.

Despite the fact that this video was filmed in Kansas, thousands of miles from the nearest ocean, Cait dons a sexy bikini. Meanwhile, at her own peril, she does her best to keep the shoulder safety belt from blocking our view of her lovely tattoo. This girl is a champ, through and through, but that’s not what we love the most about this video.


Nor is it the turbocharged Corvette, which we sadly have no details about. Rather it is Cait’s reaction, a mixture of laughter, terror, and excitement all rolled into a single breathless scream. How could not help but be both entertained and terrified of a car that boasts more horsepower than a car transporter full of Priuses?