Video: Shopper Jumps On the Hood of A Camaro To Stop A Beer Heist

Everyone has had some level of involvement with a beer run; they may have actively participated in the theft, drove the getaway car or merely consumed the ill begotten hooch at a backyard party.  Most grocery retailers have learned to keep the beer in the back of the store or at least further away from the exit. However there are still those dumb or drunk enough to attempt a Hefeweizen heist at the local Walmart. According to the Consumerist, one dedicated Walmart shopper saw a beer run in progress and decided to jump into action. The single mother of two literally leapt onto the hood to the 4th generation Camaro to thwart the beer snatcher’s escape.

Monique Lawless stood on the windshield of the Camaro and made several attempts to stop the driver by stomping her feet on the glass. After realizing that her actions were not affecting the driver, she slid off the hood and attempted to open the driver’s side door; shortly after taking this course of action the driver sped off sending Lawless flailing to the asphalt. Within a short amount of time local authorities apprehended the suspected beer thieves (or possibly members of the Alcohol Liberation Group.) When Lawless was asked if she would attempt the same course of action again, she stated that she would but next time she would throw a shopping cart in front the getaway car.

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