Video: Supercharged Caprice PPV Detective Model on the Dyno

The Caprice PPV isn't really a flashy, attention grabbing ride - but that's exactly the point.

As automotive enthusiasts a big part of our culture is maintaining individuality through our rides. We all want to create something that’s exclusively our own; something unlike what everybody else has. With that said, I can guarantee you that this Chevy Police Pursuit Vehicle is very unique in spite of its unassuming appearance.

As many of you know, you won’t find the Caprice PPV model at your local Chevy dealer. While the PPV is available to police and other government agencies exclusively, they are very slowly popping up here and there for sale to the public. However, with only a little over 1,000 produced in 2011, these cars are still few and far between, and it can be pretty difficult to get your hands on one unless you get lucky or are scouring eBay 24 hours a day.

However, the owner of PPV in this video from YouTube is one of the lucky few to get their hands on a PPV. Soon after acquiring this unique ride the mod bug bit the owner, and it bit hard too. He wanted more power so he rolled this gem of a vehicle into East Texas Muscle Cars. In completely stock form, the PPV made a respectable 290 rear wheel horsepower – not too shabby, but nothing to write home about either, especially given the car’s considerable heft. So, the owner decided to boost that number up by adding a Magnuson supercharger pushing 10 pounds, and a set of long tubes from Kooks Custom Headers to support it. As you can see in the video, this reborn version of a Pontiac G8 was able to pick up an incredible 210 rear wheel horsepower after these mods and a little love from ETMC’s tuner. The resulting 500 horsepower and almost a matching 500 pound feet of torque is plenty spunk to get to the local grocery store (or chase down perps) in this family sized sedan.

"Hey man, why's your engine making that funny whining noise?" The matte black supercharger looks stealthy, but we don't think it would fool anyone when they took a look under the hood.

According to the guys at ETMC this car is the very definition of a sleeper. We’ll even throw in some bonus sleeper points for the police appearance package. This subtle beast is completely drivable too. The car is a daily driver that boasts gas mileage in the low 20s and is dead-solid reliable on its 12-hour weekly commute. No numb butts here thanks to the top of the line comfort features to accommodate the officers that were supposed to be using them. Of course, the PPV is also still equipped with the police package heavy duty suspension and brakes to stop all of that power in a hurry.

Even after filling the trunk up with groceries and the seats with comfortable passengers, this animal would still put a considerable amount of cars in their place. You know, if the PPV rolled off of the assembly line like this, suspects would most definitely think twice about splitting from the cops.

The PPV makes an even 500 RWHP thanks to the Maggie and Kooks long tubes.

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